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Stay in the nonprofit game. Your work changes our nation.

So I know I promised you that my next post would be about ‘schmoozing’, but today’s message feels especially relevant, as we think about our nation on this 4th of July weekend.

My message to those of us working in the nonprofit game: get the support you need to stay in the game, because what you do is vital to the health of our nation.

When your work is hard, boundaries fuzzy, days long, resources slim, staffing unstable - - I want to encourage you to keep your eye on the end game.

The impact of the nonprofit sector in our communities, across the nation, and across the world is substantial. And a healthy, whole you is needed.

Take a moment to think about how different your corner of the world would be if nonprofits didn’t exist. Basic needs would be unmet. Opportunities lost. Potential wasted.

Now think about how the world is better and different because of your work. Help given. Compassion extended. Hope restored.

You stand in the gap to make sure the mission lives. And whether you feel it or not, you are changing your community, and our nation.

This article from November 2020 from the Smithsonian Magazine is still relevant 2 1/2 years later, and shines a light on how the collective efforts of the nonprofit sector are advancing inclusion. It’s inspiring, and challenging, and shows that we’re a different nation because of charitable work.

If you’re losing steam, if you’re thinking about throwing in the towel, if you don’t feel like you are your best self, reach out. I’m happy to have a cup of coffee with you at no cost to talk about your situation, and how I might be able to help.

In the meantime, keep your eye on the difference you make, and let that fuel your fire.

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