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What the heck is a WOO AND WHY IS IT A STRENGTH?

A name tag with 5 leadership strengths listed:  Woo, Strategic, Input, Ideation, Futuristic

And how I ended up with a tiny door in my office for a year.

In 2006-07 I participated in the Eau Claire Chamber’s Leadership Eau Claire program. That also happened to be the year I transitioned from Family Resource Center to Sacred Heart Hospital. I developed relationships in that program that exist yet today. The program meant so much to me that I’ve stayed involved in the curriculum committee as a day chair and executive committee member, serving as chair in the 2020-2021 program year. I was even honored to receive the coveted traveling Door Prize in 2021 for my involvement. It’s literally a door. Just the best.

One of the basic tenets of this excellent program is that we learn our strengths, and what that means for how we work with others. Over the years a few different strengths assessments have been used, but the results are the same: self-awareness. Learning what makes me tick and understanding how that impacts my work with others. Even more importantly, understanding what makes others tick. And then understanding how my strengths might create issues for them. And adjusting how I work to leverage their strengths.

That’s where WOO comes in. Winning Others Over. It’s my #1 strength. I like to help people feel seen, heard and understood. I want them to feel comfortable to be their very best selves. I also want to help people come together, to create understanding of their common values and goals. And then use those commonalities to create solutions. The strategic, input, ideation and futuristic all play into how I love to create plans that are very actionable, intentional, energizing and impactful.

The Chamber’s program helped bring it all together for me. I may not have had the extra time to devote to developing these insights, and do the work to understand myself and others better. But the investment sure was worth it. And it’s a joy to continue to support the program so that same growth and realization can happen for others.

So, here’s to investing in yourself. Take time to learn what makes you tick, what gives you joy, and then make space for those very things. I also hope you will have the strength to learn what lives on the other side of that coin. Where are your weaknesses, your blind spots, and where can your strengths make it tougher for others. And then do the work to make adjustments.

If investing in yourself includes exploring Executive Coaching, reach out to me. It’s one of my favorite things to do within my consulting business.

Next question: What’s the difference between a WOO and schmoozing? That’s the topic of the next blog post.

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