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My non-profit coaching services are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client and are designed to provide the support, guidance, and accountability necessary to achieve lasting results. Whether you want to improve your leadership skills, develop a stronger fundraising strategy, or simply make positive changes in your organization, I have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.


Public and private grants can be an effective source of funding. The process, however, can be daunting. Whether it’s for capital or pilot projects, or sustainable year-over-year operations, discovering, securing and stewarding grant sources takes time and skill. And every funder requires a unique approach.

If your organization doesn’t have the time or capacity to reach your grant potential, let’s get together to discuss how I can help.  

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
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Being a nonprofit leader requires expertise in a wide variety of areas, ranging from budgeting and human resources to strategy and Board development. Whether you're a CEO, manager, or emerging leader, executive coaching and mentoring can help you become a more effective and confident leader, and drive positive change within your organization.

Capital Campaign


Campaign fundraising takes a special approach: strategy, organization, management, perseverance, and a lot of time. While the results can be a game changer for your mission, most nonprofits just don’t have the capacity to run a campaign on their own.

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Strategic Planning & Implementation



Strategic planning is a critical process for organizations of all sizes and types. It helps ensure that resources are aligned with the organization's goals and priorities and that the organization is positioned for success in the long term. Ensuring that your team has a cohesive vision and that each member knows the role they play results in engagement, efficiency, and success. 

Fundraising Strategy & Implementation



As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else. Developing your fundraising strategy is no different. 


Effective fundraising plan development requires a deep understanding of the organization's needs and goals, as well as an assessment of the organization's resources and capacity to fundraise.  

Office work
Nonprofit Training


Nonprofits operate in many unique and specific ways. Often folks want to support the mission, but they just don’t know how. Training and development can be the key to more effective and efficient operations.


Change happens in the life of all organizations. Working environments shift, leaders come and go, and organizations must decide how to respond. How your organization approaches this change matters. Are you concerned about a decline in services, or a decrease in funds during the interim period? Or do feel change needs to be made to set the stage for the success of your next leader?  

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Becky Piper | Executive Director - The Hub

"When The Hub Homeless Services was just prior to launching, we began working with AMK Nonprofit Coaching. Ann was a game changer for us, her wisdom and years of experience in the nonprofit world kept us on track with our planning and saved us from several unexpected missteps. Ann helped us confidently structure our launch plan and execute it successfully! We are very thankful for her contributions and early involvement with The Hub."

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