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Pouring Sand
Image by Paul Pastourmatzis

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mahatma Gandhi


Nonprofits impact the quality of life in our communities in a way no other sector does.  Think of how different our lives, and the lives of our neighbors, family, and friends, would be if nonprofits didn’t exist.  They provide access, opportunities, resources, and support that are true life changers, every day.


Nonprofit work can be incredibly difficult.  There are unique barriers and challenges to be overcome in the life of these vital organizations. They require a unique approach.


AMK Nonprofit Coaching was born out of my desire to serve the nonprofit sector. To see it grow, thrive, and succeed.  To empower and support nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers.  When our nonprofits are at their best, our communities and their citizens can be at their best. 


As barriers arise in your organizational or professional journey, reach out to me to talk about how I can lend my experience and expertise to help you navigate to the next level of success.  


Becky Piper | Executive Director - The Hub

"When The Hub Homeless Services was just prior to launching, we began working with AMK Nonprofit Coaching. Ann was a game changer for us, her wisdom and years of experience in the nonprofit world kept us on track with our planning and saved us from several unexpected missteps. Ann helped us confidently structure our launch plan and execute it successfully! We are very thankful for her contributions and early involvement with The Hub."

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